RxBox Research Program

The objective of the RxBox research program is to develop a locally-manufactured, medical-grade telemedicine device and demonstrate its usefulness in target Rural Health Units / Local Health Centers in GIDA (geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas) municipalities nationwide.

The RxBox research program is divided into three projects:


Project #1: CHITS and eTriage integration into commercial biomedical device

The first project’s aim is to integrate an electronic medical record (CHITS) and eTriage with an existing commercial biomedical device, the Maternal-Fetal Monitor (MFM), imported from another country. The MFM underwent reverse engineering by the DOST Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI).


Project #2: eNAI: Electronic Neonatal Assistive Intervention

The eNAI is a version of the RxBox that is developed by the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute (EEEI) of the University of the Philippines Diliman. The sensors included:

 Blood pressure monitor

 Pulse oxymeter


 Fetal heart monitor

 Maternal tocometer

 Slots for future modules

The CHITS and eTriage are already incorporated in the eNAI device.


Project #3: Field testing and telemedicine devices

The RxBox devices, both the MFM and the eNAI are field-tested in rural health units, lying-in clinics and birthing facilities. The aim of this deployment is to determine the usability, ease of use and workflow integration of the RxBox.

The RxBox program is being funded by Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD)-DOST. The total cost of the project (research and development, 120 units RxBox, deployment, training, personnel, etc) is around P41.8 M.

Device deployment and field testing/training is a collaboration of EEEI – UP Diliman, ASTI – DOST, and National Telehealth Center – UP Manila.

Elrey Inocian
March 5th, 2016 at 7:09 am

Good day po!

I am a Doctor to the Barrio assigned in Pilar, Cebu. A 5th class island municipality. I am hoping to be a recipient of your technology since we also need it in the island. Thank you and I am looking for your response.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Elrey Inocian
DTTB, Pilar, Cebu

April 19th, 2016 at 4:00 pm

Good day!

Please check out this link on how to be a volunteer: https://rxbox.chits.ph/how-to-be-a-volunteer/

Thank you!

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