RxBox and telemedicine saves lives and transportation costs in a Pangasinan island

BOLINAO, PANGASINAN– Nurse Melanie Gatchalian reported that because of RxBox, three patients, a 69-year old female, a 60-year old male, and a 50-year old female, were saved. Aside from the capability of the RxBox to record ECG for diagnosis, Dr. Roman Aldo Reyes, rural health physician and a doctor-to-the-barrio in Bolinao, was able to consult … Read more

Farmer in Nueva Ecija having a heart attack, saved by RxBox

NUEVA ECIJA, Philippines — With the use of RxBox, doctor-to-the-barrio and municipal health officer Dr. Elena Oliva identified a patient having a heart attack in Nueva Ecija, saving the patient’s life. “Felix”, the 75-year old farmer from Brgy. Viniegas, town of Llanera, complained of shortness of breath as he entered their health center. Felix has … Read more

RxBox ‘Koneks’ Doctor and Patient in Pulilan


RxBox wowed the crowd at the Ceremonial launch of DOST-ICT Office’s Digital Empowerment Program: “Juan Konek! ICT for Inclusive Growth” on May 8, in Pulilan Central Elementary School (PCES). RxBox demonstrated telemedicine by showing remote patient consultation between a midwife at the Pulilan health center and a doctor at the PCES, using video conferencing and … Read more